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Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine
QCL vertical ultrasonic washing machine is used to washing the following products: ampoules, vials, oral liquid bottles, cartridges, syringes etc. Vertical ultrasonic bottle washer is suitable for the 1 to 50ml containers.

Main Features
1. Auto alarm & stop when WFI recycled water temperature is not enough
2. Auto alarm & stop when water & air pressure is insufficient
3. Ultrasonic current display, faulty with alarm and machine stop function
4. Digital pressure gauge online records water & air pressure
5. Online record ultrasonic power and water temperature
6. Pipeline emptying function
7. Water tank no dead angle
8. Sanitary quick assembly connection for hose
9. Protection cover with auto lifting
10. Output counting

Main Parameters of Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Item Main Content
Production Capacity 10000 to 40000 ampoules/hour
Ampoule Size 1 to 20ml ampoules
Broken Rate ≤0.3%
Ultrasonic of vertical ultrasonic bottle washer 800 W
Clarity Detection Passing Rate ≥99.9%
Circulation Water Temp. 40 to 60℃
Inner Wall Cleaning 3 water 3 air
Outer Wall Cleaning 1 water 1 air
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