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Cap and Plunger Filling Machine

Cap and Plunger Filling Machine
Cap and plunger filling machine can send the cap and pluger of blood collection tube to designated location through the hopper, then successively put the cap and pluger on the blood collection tube ports, realizing cap and pluger automatically recombination.

Technical Parameters
Production capacity 12000 to 15000 pcs/h
Sample adding 50 pcs/ time, 50 × 2
Tube type of Tube Filler Φ 13 tube (13 × 75, 13× 100) or Φ 16 tube (the equipment for Φ 13 and Φ16 tube are not universal)
Gas consumption ≤0.4 m3 / min, air pressure: 0.5Mpa≤P≤0.8Mpa
Electric power 3.2 kW/AC380V / 50 hz
Overall size 1200 mm × 1000 mm × 1800 mm (not including vibration plates)
Weight About 650 kg

Advantages of Cap and Plunger Filling Machine
1. Improve the traditional cap adding way, realizing composing on line, high efficiency
The cap and rubber stopper can be combined online at the same time, eliminating the cap and the stopper combining processes, it makes the production process more simple and efficient .
2. Simple and effective conveying way & easy maintenance. Use vibration plate for feeding, vibration transfer belt and straight feeding.
3. Simple operation & high qualified rate. Steady separation device, accurate positioning device, efficient cap (plug) taking device, fast moving device, so as to realize stable and efficient cap (plug) filling process.

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