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Syrup Filling Capping Machine

Syrup Filling Capping Machine
Syrup filling capping machinery is used for small vial liquid filling and capping in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industry. Based on domestic and international advanced technology, we developed our new oral liquid production line. It can automatically complete bottle in-feed, arrange bottle, adjusting filling quantity, unscramble cap, capping, out-feed procedure

Main Characters
1. Syrup filling capping machinery adopts advanced PLC control, which is easy to operate.
2. High filling accuracy, defoaming and no dripping.
3. No bottle, so no filling, no capping.
4. Smoothly capping design, low breakage rate.
5. Frequency stepless speed regulation.
6. Filling without pollution, long using life.
7. Reasonable and compact structure, easy cleaning.
8. High qualified rate, stable running.

Technical Parameters of Oral Filling and Capping Machine
Model DGZ16/24
Filling heads 16
Total power 2.5kW
Filling error ≤±1%
Capping head 12
Capping qualification ≥99.8%
Percent of damage ≤0.1%
Overall size 2000 × 1100 × 2400 mm3
Total weight 1300Kg

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