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Handmade hollow glass magnesium laminboards

Handmade hollow glass magnesium laminboards
Handmade hollow glass magnesium laminboard takes high-quality color coated steel as the surface layer, formed after heating, pressing, glue solidifying. Its core uses glass magnesium plate and glass magnesium keel for supporting.

Performance and Quality Standard
1. Modular design, installation flexibility.
2. Excellent waterproof performance, immersion in water 8 hours without distortion.
3. Fire protection ≧ 60min.

Specification of Handmade Hollow Glass Magnesium Laminboard
Length According to customer requirement(Normally ≤8000mm)
Standard:900mm、980mm、1160mm、1180mm、1200mm, or according to customer requirement.
Thickness 0mm-100mm
Panel type ‘‘中”shaped, male” ‘‘female” type, three “female” one ‘‘male” type
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