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10QS Airlift Fermenter

10QS Airlift Fermenter
10QS Airlift fermenter features large viewing port, low shear, which total volume is from 10L to 100L. The vessel is composed of 316L stainless steel.

Total Volume: 10L~100L
Load Rate: 75~90%
Vessel: 316L Stainless Steel
Stirrer: Airlift (Dia.: H=1:6~8)
Sterilization: In situ (steam sourceExternal)

Features of Fermentation Machine
1. Basic Features: Temperature, pH, DO, Antifoam, Feed, Aeration (manual), Pressure (manual)
2. Advanced Features (optional): Level, WeighFeed, Multi-Feeds, Methanol & Ethanol, Aeration (Auto), Pressure (Auto), Exhaust O2 & CO2.
3. Controller: BIOTECH-3000, BIOTECH-7000, BIOTECH-9000
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