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Sterilizing and Drying Machine

Sterilizing and Drying Machine
RSM sterilizing and drying machine is mainly used for sterilizing and drying of the ampoules, vials, oral liquid bottles and other glass containers in the pharmaceutical industry.It automatically completes the whole procedure of bottle feeding, pre-heating, sterilizing-drying, cooling and outputting.
Glass sterilization drying machine adopts laminar air flow principle and hot air high-speed disinfection technology, which make the container in the sealed tunnel to achieve cleanliness Class A standard. Because of the good heat distribution and depyrogenation, it’s the most popular drying and sterilizing machine.

Features of Sterilizing and Drying Machine
1. PAO detection
2. Negative pressure sealing device
3. Real-time display, print temperature curve(dual probe)
4. Air pressure auto balancing system(5 modes)
5. Ultrasonic belt cleaning device
6. Daylight, night 2 operation modes
7. PID temperature control technology in different zones
8. Air fan independent frequency control
9. Pressure differential monitor and alarm
10. 6-channel recorder

Main Parameters of Sterilizing and Drying Machine
Item Main Content
Production Capacity 10000 to 40000 ampoules/hour
Applicable Size 1 to 20ml ampoules
Temp. Adjusting Range 50℃ to 350℃
Sterilizing Temp. 280℃ to 320℃
Bottle Broken Rate ≤0.2%
HEPA Filter Up to 400℃
Air Speed Control About 0.5 to 0.7m/s
Mesh Belt Speed 0 to 400 mm/min
Mesh Belt 600mm
Cooling Zone Cooler Air cooling
Outlet Bottle Temp. No higher than 10℃ of room temperature
External Chamber Temp. <40℃
Mesh Belt Cleaning Device Equipped with PW online ultrasonic cleaning
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