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Tube Loading Machine

Tube Loading Machine
This tube loading machine is suitable for installing the vacutainer into the corresponding delivering mold (fixture), in order to satisfy the demands of subsequent automatic production. It features easy operation, low failure rate and high efficiency. The whole machine is designed according to GMP standard, which has zero damage to the pipe, automatic alarm when tube falls.

Technical Parameters
Production capacity 12000 to 18000 pcs/h
One step tubing quantity 20 pcs (10 × 2)
Tube type Diameter: 13mm (75 pipe and 100 tube are universal), diameter: 16mm
Gas consumption ≤ 0.2m3 / min, air source pressure: 0.5Mpa≤P≤0.8Mpa
Power 1.2kW, AC 380V 50/60Hz
Overall size 1200 mm × 1000 mm × 1800 mm
Weight 450kg
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