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5JG Offline Sterilized Fermenter

5JG Offline Sterilized Fermenter
Basic Unit
Vessel: Total volume: 5L, working volume: 3.5L. Specialized borosilicate glass vessel with flat stainless steel (316L)top-plate and bottom end. Autoclavable.
Stirrer: Drive with AC motor, speed adjustable. Direct-coupled mechanical drive from top, with mechanical seal. Solid stirrer shaft with 2 pieces of 6-blade disk impeller and 1 set of foam breaker. Rotate speed range: 50-1000rpm.
Aeration: With stainless steel ring sparger in the vessel and silica gel tube and air filter outside.
Thermal circuit: Electrical heating unit under the bottom end of vessel; piping and all required valves to be connected to cooling water supply.
Peristaltic pumps: 4 peristaltic pumps each assignable to function for acid/alkali, anti-foam and nutrient feeding. Each pump including perforation needles and silicone hose. Automatic or manual control.
Control system of Fermentation Machinery: Various controller for choose. Details: BIOTECH-7000, BIOTECH-9000

Optional for Offline Sterilized Fermenter
1. Auto detect and auto control of air mass flow, liquid level
2. Detect of exhaust O2 and CO2
3. Additional pump for feed
4. Weight system for vessel and feeding
5. Other customized function
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