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Handmade plaster rock wool laminboards

Handmade plaster rock wool laminboards
Handmade plaster rock wool laminboard uses high-quality color coated steel for the surface layer.The core material is gypsum board, rock wool, surrounded by iron keel box or use cold-drawn aluminum box-type male and female mouth.

Performance of Handmade Rockwool Sandwich Panel
1. Rock wool board density: 120 Kg/m3
2. Thermal Conductivity: 0.044w/m.k
3. Plasterboard surface density: 8.4Kg/m2
4. Thermal conductivity: 0.09w / m.k

Specification of Handmade Plaster Rock Wool Laminboard
Length According to customer requirement(Normally ≤6000mm)
Standard 980mm, 1180mm, or according to customer requirement.
Thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or according to customer requirement
Panel type ‘中’ type,” male” ‘female’ type, three “female” one male type.
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