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Vial Capping Machine

Vial Capping Machine
KFG Vial capping machine is suitable for capping vials after stoppering. It adopts knife hammer rolling structure, automatically finish whole process from bottle arranging, cap loading, capping, to finished bottle outputting.
Vial cap machinery can be used as single machine, or work with Ultrasonic Vertical Washing Machine, Sterilizing & Drying Machine, Filling& Stoppering Machine as a production line.

Main Characteristics of Vial Capping Machine
1. Advanced technology, automatically finish cap collecting, cap loading, capping and other processes. It has small area and high automation. All table panels adopt folded forming way, no welds, no dead angle, easy to clean. Meet GMP cleaning requirement.
2. Flexible single-knife rolling mechanism, can suit with different packing material from different manufacturers. It has high adaptability to packing machine tolerance, with good sealing and high pass rate.
3. Vial cap machinery adopts auger to feed the bottles, with high speed, low broken rate, good capping and easy adjustment.
4. Advanced PLC touch screen, with programmable control system.
5. Not only control and monitor capping machine, also can realize joint control with previous and next working condition, to achieve a good linked production with man-machine interactive function.
6. It also has the function of automatic stop when any fail happens, counting fault display, simple repair method.

Technical Parameters of Vial Capping Machine
Model KFG 8 KFG 16 KFG 18
Applicable vial 2 to 100ml 2 to 100ml 2 to 100ml
Production capacity 6000 to 12000 pcs/h 8000 to 18000 pcs/h 10000 to 24000 pcs/h
Power 3.7 kW 5.3 kW 6.8 kW
Capping Head 8 16 18
Capping Pass Rate ≥99.6% ≥99.6% ≥99.6%
Broken Rate ≤0.1% ≤0.1% ≤0.1%

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