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Mechanism polyurethane color steel laminboards

Mechanism polyurethane color steel laminboards
Mechanism polyurethane color steel laminboard adopts polyurethane PU core material, hot zinc color surface layer (two layers) and high-strength adhesive, heating and pressure composite through high-speed continuous automatic machine, after trimming, slotting, cutting to from a new generation of building and decorating plate.

The polyurethane laminboard is suitable for the purification plant ceiling, envelope, partitions and purification products, industrial plants, warehouses, refrigerator, air conditioner panel, the original building in floor, large-span roof over timber.

Specifications of Mechanism Polyurethane Color Steel Laminboard
950mm, 1150mm
Thickness 50, 75, 100, 150mm
Variety H plate (flat, pressure-type), tongue and groove boards, corrugated laminboards
Density 15 to 45 (kg / m3)
Thermal Conductivity 0.024 (W / m.k)
Water Absorption 2.45% (V / V)
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