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Glass Bottle Filling and Nitrogen Charging and Stoppering Machine

Glass Bottle Filling and Nitrogen Charging and Stoppering Machine
Nitrogen charging and stoppering machine can be used for glass bottle of glucose, antibiotic, amino acid, fat emulsion, nutrient solution and biological agents and other medical liquids (like tincture liquid).
Glass bottle nitrogen filling and stoppering machine is mainly applied for nitrogen charging and stoppering IV solution glass bottle of 50ml to 500ml and other sizes in room temperature and high temperature .

Main Features
1. The filling part adopts Germany GEMU valve filling, high precision.
2. No bottle no filling.
3. No mandatory friction of mechanical parts during filling process, no particulate pollution, meeting GMP requirements.
4. Nitrogen charging and stoppering machine adopts fast assembly filling head design, easy to disassemble
5. Electronic control system adopts PLC and frequency conversion regulation technology. Start and stop very stably, easy to change the specifications.
6. CIP/SIP, easy to clean.
7. Vacuum stopper suction and mechanical positioning, stopper is conveyed to stoppering station after accrate positioning, high qualified rate.
8. Screw of bottle input adopts mobile structure, which can easily replace different screw specifications and infusion bottles size.
9. Nitrogen charging and stoppering immediately after filling, reducing possible pollution caused by long-distance delivery.
10. The transition dial wheel between nitrogen charging and stoppering has a nitrogen protection.
11. The nitrogen charging adopts inserting into bottle filling way, ensuring very little residual oxygen in bottle.

Technical Parameters of Nitrogen Charging and Stoppering Machine
Main Items Main Contents
Model CNGFS16/10 CNGFS 24/10 CNGFS 36/20 CNGFS 48/20
Applied Bottle Size 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml
Capacity 60-150 Bottles/min 120-150 Bottles/min 200-350 Bottles/min 350-500 Bottles/min
Filling Heads 16 24 36 48
Nitrogen Filling Heads 10 10 20 20
Stoppering Heads 10 10 20 20
Metering Error ±1.5%(standard container)
Electric Capacity 4.0kW 4.0kW 4.0kW 4.0kW
Compressed Air Consumption 1.5m³/h(0.6MPa) 2.0m³/h(0.6MPa) 3.2m³/h(0.6MPa) 4.5m³/h(0.6MPa)
Overall Size(mm) 2500 × 1250 × 2350 2350 × 1520 × 2350 3150 × 1900 × 2350 3500 × 2350 × 2350
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