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PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line

PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line
XGF PP bottle LVP wash fill seal machine has three sections, ionic air washing or ionic air plus water washing, constant pressure filling and hot melting sealing. It can automatically finish the processes of bottle feeding, bottle entering, bottle reversing by manipulator, ionic air reversely blowing and washing, bottle conveying, fixed volume filling, cap sorting, cap feeding, simultaneously heating cap and bottleneck, air eliminating, hot melting sealing, bottle conveying out etc.

LVP washing filling sealing packing machine is mainly applied to the washing, filling and sealing production for PP plastic soft and hard bottle large volume parenteral, like glucose infusion, sodium chloride infusion, sodium chloride and dextrose injection, metronidazole injection etc.

Flow Chart of PP Bottle LVP Wash Fill Seal Machine

Features of LVP Washing Filling Sealing Packing Machine
1. Compact integrated design of wash-fill-seal with smaller production area
2. Applicable to any round or flat IV solution bottles with different shapes
3. Voice alarm when fault and machine halt
4. PLC control, all operation data can be set, changed and kept on file
5. CIP/SIP on line

Parameters of PP Bottle LVP Wash Fill Seal Machine
Item Data
Production capacity 2000 to 20000 bottles/hour
Specification 50 to 1000ml round or other shape PP bottle
Bottle washing ionic air washing, or ionic air and water washing
Main filling medium Liquid such as large volume infusion
Filling error ±1%
Liquid filling temperature and pressure 40 to 55℃ 0.6 to 2kg/cm²
CIP/ SIP 125 ℃--30 min
Air consumption (clean air) Pressure: 0.6 to 0.8Mpa 180(120)m³/h
Cooling water 250L/h, 15 to 20℃
Noise max.75dB
Electric capacity 18 to 35kW
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