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Injectable Vial Production Line

Injectable Vial Production Line
BXKZ injectable vial production line is made up of CLQ Ultrasonic Vertical Washing Machine, RSM Sterilizing & Drying Machine and KGYX Filling & Sealing Machine. It is divided into three working areas of washing, sterilizing & drying and filling & sealing, which can be either used in-line or in the form of three single machines.
Vial washing filling capping compact line can automatically finish the processes of water spaying, ultrasonic wave washing, compressed air blowing, recycling water flushing, compressed air blowing, fresh high-temperature sterilizing, cooling, bottle-collating, filling, cap-collating, stopppering, panel mounting and so on for vials.
It can be more stability and accuracy with servo-motor.

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Technical Parameters of Injectable Vial Production Line
Model Production line Suitable size Output(max) Power Net weight Overall size
BXKZ I CLQ 40 2.25ml 6000 to 12000 pcs/h 69.8kW 7500Kg 9930 × 2500 × 2340mm
RSM 620/44
BXKZII CLQ 60 2.25ml 8000 to 18000 pcs/h 85.8kW 8000Kg 10830 × 2500 × 2340mm
RSM 620/60
BXKZ III CLQ 80 2.25ml 10000 to 24000 pcs/h 123.8kW 8100Kg 10830 × 2500 × 2340mm
RSM 900/100
KGF 12
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